If you’re a homeowner planning on replacing your old windows, you have likely thought about doing the job yourself. We all know that DIY window replacement will save you some cash. Aside from that, it also offers you the fulfillment that comes with maintaining your house yourself. However, it is a major task that isn’t for everybody.  

Today, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DIY double glazed windows installation. 


Protect Home Value 

Though window installation does include an extra cost, it’s the ideal way to protect the value of your house. However, replacement windows only add home value if they’re properly installed. The value of your house can decline if you DIY this job and didn’t do it properly. Potential homebuyers are deterred by poor quality repair job. When you plan on selling your home in the future, you risk making a bad impression on possible buyers if the windows aren’t properly installed. To make things worse, you might have to spend more money just to have your windows fixed and installed properly.  

Danger Risk 

When working on the second or third floor, there’s a risk of danger if you are replacing every window on your multi-story house. A professional window installation technician has the experience needed to install upper floor windows. Aside from that, they’ve got all the safety tools required. Do you have these tools? You should always give it some serious thought if a task includes ladders because ladder falls might cause severe injury. 

Peace of Mind 

Peace of mind is what you get when you know that someone who is experienced in installing your windows. It pays to hire an expert who can properly install your windows if you have checked your home improvement abilities and aren’t certain you can properly do the job. You will love the peace of mind that the job was properly done and with complete protection under the warranty of the manufacturer.  

Advantages of DIY Window Installation 

Improved Self-Sufficiency and Confidence 

For a couple of homeowners, the chance to improve self-sufficiency and learn new skill is reason enough to try this task. For instance, if you are planning to install a new window in your bathroom, it is an excellent excuse to improve your home improvement skills. You can do an excellent job of installing your own windows if you approach this job seriously. This will greatly improve your confidence as well. Before you do the job, always check your time frame, comfort, and skills. 

Save Money 

Oftentimes, contractors acquire special rates from window manufacturers. However, though they might get an affordable rate compared to you, the expensive fees for labor greatly outweigh any money you will save by having a professional buy your replacement windows. Whenever you do not have to pay for a window installer, the job becomes a lot more affordable. Though a couple of homeowners use the money saved to purchase better windows, some take the chance to do a task they will not be able to afford otherwise.