The term utilized for using two window glass panes rather than a single one is called double glazing. A lot of energy is wasted with single glazed windows. Feeling the drafts is one of the most popular issues of single-pane windows. When air next to a window cools and descends to the floor, annoying drafts are produced.  


The pattern of the movement feels drafty and improves heat loss. The glass temperature affects comfort. However, with double glazed windows windows, it is harder for the air to transfer the temperature through the window.  


Double glazing lowers your home’s carbon footprint. Less energy is used when less heat is needed. It doesn’t matter whether your heat source is gas, electricity, or open fire. Basically, carbon is lowered. This is an excellent thing when it comes to the environment. Individuals who buy double glazed windows are doing their job of protecting Mother Earth.  

Adds Security to Your Property 

The complicated locking system of double glazed windows incorporate hinges and internal beading. This stops a frame from being jimmied from the outside. Thus, it helps in improving the safety of the house. For those who don’t know, window security is also considered a priority when it comes to the security of your property. 

Since double glazed windows are more difficult to break compared to single-pane windows, security greatly improves. The tight seal makes it harder to force open from the exterior side. You can even choose toughened or laminated glass for even better protection. 

Lowers Heating Bills 

Lowering heating bills is the main reason people decide to replace old windows. They do this by enhancing energy efficiency. Of course, double glazed windows are energy-efficient. This means that can help in lowering your heating bills. Less heat is needed to heat a property if less heat is lost through windows.  

The protection against leaks, drafts, and condensation lowers peak heating and cooling loads. People can install smaller heating and cooling system. Thus, it saves them money. Aside from that, if you’re planning to sell your house in the future, double glazed windows are a huge factor to possible buyers. 

Lowers Condensation 

The air contains water molecules that cause condensation. Condensation is created when cold outside air meets warm inside air. Moisture on the warm surface creates water droplets that freeze.  

Of course, this frost will make your house cooler. Because of this, you might be forced to turn your heating higher. Fortunately, you won’t have any problems with this if you install double glazing. 


For those who don’t know, double glazing offers two times more insulation compared to single glazing. Thermal insulation lowers the flow of ingoing and outgoing heat. The capability of preserving heat makes it a lot more energy-efficient compared to a single glazed window. 

When you heat up or cool down your house, you will require less energy. Double glazing is watertight. It is filled with sealants and gas. Argon, Xenon, or Krypton is often found inside the panes. These inert gasses improve the performance of your glazed windows